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We offer this luxury service to help tenants get the necessary assistance that they need to get them back to the place they want to be in their lives from physical, musical, or spiritual therapy. We have dedicated staff members that seek to get tenants to achieve their goals with the proper therapy. Our hands-on approach is extremely successful in helping tenants restore physical function, regain mobility, build strength, and endurance as well as to enhance their motor skills needed to perform activities of daily living.

Physical Therapy Can Include:

– Aerobics/cardiovascular reconditioning

– Building muscular endurance

– Strengthening to improve joint stability and muscle function

– Postural re-education and training

– Balance/coordination training

– Functional training to improve activities such as walking, standing, bending, squatting,

and/or climbing stairs

– Education on preventing injury or re-injury

– Sport-specific skill training

– Pain management