Our make-up service is dedicated to giving tenants the best spa experience. We set the highest standard in make-up care and provide exceptional staff with great professional skills that maintain hygienic standards


We provide hair service to tenants with dedicated staff that will help tenants look professional and clean for subject matters like: job interviews, meetings, celebrations, and date nights. We provide top of the line barber and beauty techniques from all licensed staff members.


We provide tenants with top of the line massage techniques. Tenants enjoy the luxury of being able to receive professional massages by our experienced staff. Our service is a breath taking experience that allows tenants to feel important and relaxed.


We provide professional mobile nail services to give your nails in the shape, color, and style you want. You can get a manicure, pedicure, gel nails - whatever you'd like - and I carry a wide selection of polishes and appliques, giving you endless possibilities.